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Stampin' Up! Gift Certificates

How about giving the perfect gift to those who have a passion for stamping (or even recommend as a gift for yourself)?

I offer Stampin' Up! gift certificates (redeemable through me) which include a card I specially design for the recipient. Minimum gift amount is $25.

Need something last minute? I can create a virtual e-Card gift certificate within 24 hours as long as the recipient has email.

To get started, email me the following:

•Your name and contact information.

•Recipient's name and address (or I can send it directly to you)

•Special colors, theme (for example, birthday, Christmas) or other details

•How would you like it signed (for example, "Love, Me" or "Your Friend Sara")?

•When you could like the certificate sent (US Mail from Madison Heithts VA). I cover the postage expense.

•For virtual e-card gift certificates, I will need the recipient's email address.

Better yet, suggest a Stampin' Up! gift certificate to your friends, family, spouse or significant other. They can give YOU something you're guaranteed to love on your next birthday, favorite holiday or anniversary.