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Sunday, February 20, 2011

Tombo Carrot

I saw this last year and don't remember who originally posted this but this is the plastic piece that the Tombo Snail comes in. RECYCLE! is the key! I put Tic Tac's inside; could not find any orange jelly beans today! The second picture is the pull tab on the back so you can take them out without destroying the card. Just a fun one!
I just love that Blossom Petal Punch. I feel guilty 'cause I was not going to order it but I have made more things out of it other than flowers. It is a great find!
Until next time!
Happy Stampin' & Scrappin'


TexasGramma said...

I LOVE this carrot! I'm having trouble visualizing how the pull-out on the back works. Could you explain? Thanks so much for sharing your creations.

Kathy said...

I LOVE this card , very cute!

Linda Tarolli said...

I have been saving these for something like this. Thanks for the reminder! Great idea.

elaine said...

Fabulous idea! Now I have something else to hang on to. I checked my garbage and there aren't any snail packages in there :~(