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Thursday, January 10, 2013

Charger for Valentine's Day

These 'Christmas' Plate Chargers have been floating around Pintrest and the internet so I thought I would try one. I bought the charger 1/2 off at Walmart since Christmas is over for .50 cents! BUT Valentine's Day is on the way and it is PERFECT! The plate stand was 4.50 from Walmart so you have a really nice decoration for your home or for a gift for $5.00. Can't beat that!

Since I took this picture I added another flower so it fills the empty space. Don't you just love the glitter paper - fitting as well! I added the paper doilies from the new SU mini!

Sorry I have not posted lately but I had my carpal tunnel surgery yesterday using only a local anesthetic and BELIEVE ME don't do that! Be put to sleep because this surgery is not 'a piece of cake'! Still hurts a lot but have to keep using it.

Until next time!
Happy Stampin' & Scrappin'

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