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Thursday, February 19, 2015

Treat Box

My stampin' friend, Betty saw this on Pinterest and we decided to make one. Of course it was in another language and in cm's... so I translated it (well, Google translated it) and I went to work making a prototype and then the final version.

The top flips up for easy filling and then bottom acts as a drawer for easy 'pickins'!

I did make a file for my Silhouette to make this easier to cut and assemble. Thanks, Betty for passing this on! Plans to make one at our April Club meetings will be a great idea! (To get an idea of size, it's approximately 3" square) Think Easter, Juvie, Valentine's, Christmas or any occasion for a small remembrance gift!

Until next time!
Happy Stampin' & Scrappin'


Eileen said...

Hi Nancy, I did get my silhouette and am learning how to use it. You say in this blog entry that you made a file for your silhouette! Is there a tutorial that explains how to do this? Thanks for sharing your ideas and for sending me some blogs that have helped learn how to use my silhouette!
Have a great day!!!

Nancy Dawson said...

Eileen: The best place to go is Silhouette School website and they have tutorials for loads of stuff. Also FaceBook has some good groups - Silhouette for Beginners is a great group. Hope this helps. Nancy