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Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Rectangle Coaster Calendar

This was created using the rectangle coasters I got from Crafters Alley. They are oversized and great for projects. Yes I know I used discontinued paper but GOOD NEWS I ordered lots of NEW designer paper this week so hopefully soon I can get on the band wagon w/ some new papers! Notice the kitty paw in the background on summer. Callie was helping me today! It is done on two coasters with a piece of cardstock folded and glued onto each coaster. I used Red Castle to print the tiny calendar and embellished w/ cutouts, ribbon, etc. It's a great idea and could also work connecting it on the side as well. I saw a similar one 'somewhere' on the internet and did not mark it. It was made using the regular size coasters. Perfect for your desk or a gift for a friend! Until next time, Happy Scrappin' & Stampin' Nancy

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