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Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Two 3D Cased Projects

Yes these were both cased but really cute projects I wanted to pass on to you. One has Tea Light Candles (4) for a cute remembrance gift for a teacher, friend, neighbor, co-worker! I did however have to adjust the pattern since I used Party Light Tea Lights and not the normal ones. You add the stamping to the candles just like you do on a large candle. Stamp on tissue paper and punch a 1/8" hole in the middle and cut the design to fit and heat with your heat tool. Pattern found here. The slider card has 6 nuggets BUT I evidently did not do something right since you only see 2 nuggets but I plan on making more so I am sure they will improve LOL! Anyway I used the stamp set Snow Buddies and All Holidays for the inside of the 'card'. Another great gift idea! Pattern found here. Enjoy! Until next time! Happy Stampin' & Scrappin'

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sam said...

What a great holiday gift. thanks for the idea. Never thought of stamping tea candles. Thanks for the great idea.