Tuesday, December 27, 2011

Jake's First Dental Appt.

There's no stamping but I did paper piece the logo! It was Jake's first dental appointment. He did super great and 'no cavities' either! Performed like a trooper! The Percy sticker is the one the dentist gave him.
Until next time!
Happy Stampin' & Scrappin'


Ret said...

Haaaa, cute page! I for one, would not want to remember the dentist, tho. hehe

You did a beautiful job, as always!!

Lashon Condray said...

It seems like Jake did well on his first dental visit. How was it? I hope he didn't have any cavities. :) BTW, you've made a nice memorabilia for his first dental appointment. He'd be happy to see that when he grows up.

Ed Hochhalter said...

Congratulations on Jake's successful dental visit. Were there any problems during the checkup? We're about to bring our boys to the dental office next week, and I hope everything goes well with the checkups and all.