Wednesday, July 21, 2010

October Calendar

I'm really getting into this calendar thingee for 2011. My friend had the grid and month stamp so I ordered the numbers and decided to make a calendar for 2011. The first 3 pages I did I am re-doing since I have all the pages & punched them. I'll put them all on a coil binding to be hung. After each month is up you can tear off the sheet and use the top portion in a scrapbook page. How great is that! Two projects in one! I will post each page as I do them and then repost the first 3 after they are re-done. Hope you like it! You can give without pictures and they can put their own! WHAT A GREAT GIFT! Until next time! Happy Stampin' & Scrappin'

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plastic coil binding said...

Coil binding is really a great way to bind stuff. If you're interested in arts and crafts, this is a great way for scrapbooks to stay binded together. It's so easy that even you can do it yourself. Nice work you got there! :)