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Sunday, May 4, 2008

Totally CASE'ed! - One Sheet Pocket Books

This is a full CASE by Vicki Hook. For an outstanding tutorial please CLICK HERE. This little booklet has lots of uses and so quick and easy to make. I used a 12x12 discontinued Stampin’ Up paper. Vicki’s sample out-shines mine but I just wanted to make one so I would remember to share the pattern. She did a fantastic job on hers! My Bind-It-All (craftersalley.com) is in Virginia and I’m in North Carolina soooo… I used 3 O-rings and some ribbon. You could also use Rub-A-Coil. When I get home I plan to make a few and try both! The book is made out of one sheet of 12" x 12" paper (best to use 2-sided Designer Paper) and ends up with 8 pockets. The pages are 4" tall and approximately 2 5/8" wide (after binding). You can use this book for many things and I am sure you will think of some as well. Use it to hold: * gift tags * business cards * ATC's (altered trading cards) * wallet sized photos * phone numbers/addresses * credit cards * gift cards The possibilities are endless! Now keep in mind, I only made one for a pattern so it isn’t the best but remember too you can decorate each page or not! TIP: Would be perfect for using some of your left-over Stampin’ Up Scrappin’ Kits! Thanks for stopping by and check back often.

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Vicki said...

Hi Nancy! Don't sell yourself short - your first pocket book is FABULOUS! And I like how you were thinking outside the box since you don't have access to your BIA right now. GREAT JOB!

And thanks for the "shout-out"!