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Sunday, May 24, 2009

My First 2 RAK's EVER

I was so happy when I opened my mailbox and rec my first TWO RAK’s (Random Act of Kindness). Thank you so much Bethany & Susan! Sadly Bethany’s was caught in the ‘canceller’ machine at the post office and torn almost in half but I still cherish it! Scotch Tape works wonders! (Bethany-Card 1 – Susan – Card 2). Thank you again! Late Night Stampers had a Challenge to send random RAK's picked from the membership list. So far I have received two. What a great idea, Sandi MacIver! Keeps fellow stampers in touch! Until next post, Happy Stampin' & Scrappin'


Leonie Schroder said...

its such a huge thrill to get those first RAKs but any RAK is a good RAK - nice cards you got

Pam said...

Those are lovely RAKs! You so deserved them!

Unknown said...

I just LOVE a great mail day!!! These cards are great too!!