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Monday, July 7, 2008

I'm Been Tagged...

I was tagged by a special and very talented lady, Diana Soling. Check out her BLOG, Diana Creates for great tips and inspiration! She has some beautiful creations! I hope she does not mind but I CASE'd the rules from her blog! Thank you! OK - 7 weird and/or random things about me: 1. I have three married children with five wonderful grandchildren & two grand-dogs! and proud parent of a tortoise kitty. 2. Trying new and challenging paper projects is my passion. 3. My dream is one day to be published in 'any' magazine. 4. I am a retired computer technician and wish I had more knowledge of the software side rather than the hardware side but...guess it is never too late to learn. I want to create a super-great blog w/ tutorials and have lots of visitors. (on my To-Do-List) 5. Grey's Anatomy & Law & Order & Army Wives are my favorite TV shows. 6. I am a popcorn and Pepsi junkie. 7. I became an Stampin' Up Demo when I started working on scrapbooks for my grandkids. Scrappin' was my only paper hobby for a long time and then I started making greeting cards which I really enjoy. I am more a Stampin' Up 'hobby' demo! I am tagging the following seven people: Michelle Zindrof (The Brayer Queen) Cindy Bundy Yaritza Andrea Walford Jana Mays Stacey Carter Valerie Stangle Fellow Bloggers inspire creativity and keep you challenged! Enjoy... Happy Scrappin' & Stampin' Nancy

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